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It is no longer shocking how computer technologies develop and expand nowadays. As expected, people commonly embrace these improvements so as to keep up with the recent hype. One cannot change the fact that computer units made a massive difference in one’s way of life.

There are a whole lot of products available nowadays. In fact, tablets, computers, smartphones, android phones and laptops are among the available products. And for these gadgets to work brilliantly, one should choose an operating system. There are actually two businesses that are rivaling when it comes to developing the best Operating System today, and these are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These companies are closely in par with regards to acquiring customers. On the contrary, the former could only be employed if you are using an iPhone or any iPhone device, while the latter have a wider range of hardware. In other words, no matter what your devices, the android OS is quite flexible. So, if you are one of those who are piqued with this OS, then better continue reading.

Usually, when one heard the term ‘android’, the very first thing pops out of mind is a mobile phone or a hand device. For years, Android has been through different types of versions. Some of these are ‘clair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. But that doesn’t stop their developers to make more features and completely new versions.

The Android OS supports different connectivity technologies as well as offers numerous language support. Furthermore, as what have said before, this is compatible to various hardware. Other than that, the developers have even created the Application Programming Interface (API) in which they can effortlessly access it. They created various inbuilt multitasking choices available to users.

Almost all users nowadays install this in their smartphones. It is simply because Android OS works perfectly for most devices. Actually, other than smart phones and tablet computers, you can also get it installed in your desktop. Certainly, Android OS for PC is now made highly available. The truth is, you can install it into your desktop without risking your hardware. By carrying out this, you can now welcome Android straight from your personal computer. There are plenty of methods to have Android OS on PC whether it’s Windows, MAC or Linux.

In addition, you could find numerous means for Android OS for PC installations. Even so, you could only locate one real installation method. This is the software VirtualBox from Oracle. This software lets the users to directly install the software without booting that functions as the host OS. Well, one can only use the 4.0.4 Android OS version. It is crucial that VirtualBox and your OS is a match. You can now use the Android 4.0.4 OS on your desktop computers as soon as the installation is completed. As such, the file size is around 88 MB file, but you can have the opportunity to experience a quick internet connection. Once done downloading it, you can extract it and locate the file named ‘Android-v4.vbox’. To finish the procedure, double click on the file and it will instantly download in your VirtualBox. Through clicking on the Start menu button, you can immediately install the software. Ultimately, you can now make use of Android OS on PC.