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The Pomeranian dog is the smallest breed descended from the Spitz family, an ancient group from the Arctic. Its name derived from Pomerania (presently Germany and Poland) area in Central Europe. It is not its fatherland, it is exactly where breeding and development of such happened.

It has been thought to be a toy dog breed since its size is truly small. Its round coat is exactly what it is renowned for also. It possesses very long, straight outer coat and soft, thick, and short undercoat. It has longer coat specifically in the chest and around the neck part. It could be in color red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, tan and others. Regular brushing is needed when double coat sheds. The popularity of the breed was due to Queen Victoria’s great impressions to a Pomeranian from Italy making her choose to take a specimen to England. From that moment on, this breed has been wanted by many.

Pomeranian dogs are explorers and clever naturally. But they become timid when unknown people are around them. Given that Pomerians are sensible dogs, it is simple for them to amuse individuals. They can be the family’s perfect pet given that they enjoy to interact socially and can be educated. The dog breed Pomeranian could be really devoted to their masters and family, which is among their incredible characteristics. Because of this, this small breed of dog is picked as pet by numerous couples with children which are being in a condo. Pomeranians are friendly by nature which makes them simple to bond with kids of any age and their masters too. Pomeranians can secure their dwelling places given that they are really protective. That’s precisely why having them as guard dogs is all worthwhile. Furthermore, their small size fits great for houses with limited space. They’re still active even if they are inside the house.

Though they are small, it is still necessary for Pomeranians to do some little walk each day. As it is family oriented dog, it shouldn’t always be exposed outdoors. A Pomeranian is anticipated to live for nearly sixteen years. It has a much longer life expectancy compared to other breed of dogs. But it is feasible for them to suffer heart problems, eye infections, dislocated patella, tooth decay, and skin irritation. Nearly all Pomeranians are very picky in terms of intake of food. It is more probable if you give them dry dog food or crunchy milk bones so to maintain their teeth and gums healthy. Pomeranians are regarded as one of the top selling dog pets around the world. In fact, they are being purchased by many even though how to take good care of them properly is unknown. These dogs are wanting for love and affection. So if you like to adopt Pomeranian, make it certain that you can be a trustworthy owner.